Regular Maintenance of Vending Machine

Many vending machine operators pay attention to marketing and refilling, but forget an important aspect of vending machine business- Regular Maintenance. Yes ! Maintenance of your vending machines should not be underestimated as it could result in loss of vending machine sites from your business. Premium Vending machine locations are difficult to find so you must ensure your equipment is well presented and tested regularly.

Your machine requires regular inspection and maintenance to ensure that it is in working condition all the time. As an operator you should not wait for the machine to breakdown. Regular upkeep will prolong the life of your vending machines and ensure you keep the location on your books. The ability to keep vending machine locations for over 5 years will determine the level of success and profitability of your vending machine business.

So here are some tips to help you enhance the life of your vending machines:-

  • Condenser coil:- This may not appear to be very important, but the condition of your condenser coil determines the wellness of your machine. Make sure that the machine is placed at least 5 inches away from the wall which will ensure uninhibited ventilation to the components. The condenser coil must be cleaned at least once a year.
  • Beverage Door:- It can be extremely frustrating for your customers to pay for drinks that are not cold in summer. If the machine is not vending cold beverages, due to a damaged sealant due to an over tightened beverage door. It is very simple, customers do not want to spend money or time to buy frustration. Again, it directly hampers your vending machine business.
  • Appearance:- Your machine must vend the product in demand, but is that enough, if your machine’s appearance is poor? Over time your machine can accumulate dust which needs to be wiped weekly or daily depending upon the location.

Important Points:-

  • It is always a good idea to keep a small tool kit with yourself, so that you can fix small problems yourself.
  • Always turn off the vending machine during the upkeep.
  • Following a regular maintenance routine will not only keep your vending machines in good health, but also your vending machine business.

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