LEI 200

LEI 200

LEI 200, is an automatic vending machine with 200 cups. Also available in semi automatic version, beans and instant espresso coffee products with 12 push buttons that can be configured as selections or pre-selections.


  • Touchable selections panel with 12 push buttons that can be configured as selections or pre-selections.
  • Alphanumerical keypad consisting of 12 buttons that can be used to manage a slave spiral machine.
  • 7 inch LCD screen that makes the machine communicative and engaging. It displays attractive images and messages for a great vending experience.
  • End selection acoustic signal.
  • Customisable sugar dosage
  • Display consisting of 32 digits alphanumeric display.
  • 170 mm high illuminated cup station, with the capacity of hosting a jug. Also equipped with a foldaway small cup holder available on the semi automatic version.
  • Automatic version equipped with a slow product falling dispenser.


  • Wide selection versions and great configuration flexibility.
  • Automatic and semi automatic with water system supply. Also with autonomous tank inside the base cabinet.
  • Models available with integrated 7 inch LCD that displays messages and images.
  • Extractable mixers and boiler assembly that enables easier maintenance.
  • Equipped with standard serpentine kit for tea.
  • Door lock with programmable code.
  • Cup dispenser can be adjusted between 70-75 mm diameters. Dispenser can also function well for 90 or 105 mm stirrers.
  • Standard espresso boiler: 1500 W and 150 cc. Additional boiler of 700 W- 180 cc can be added to convert it into a Double Boiler.
  • Liquid waste tray of the capacity of 2 litres equipped with electronically operated safety block for maximum water level.
  • Coffee grounds waste tray for 200 pucks.
  • Espresso double boiler version equipped with a pre heating boiler with electronic temperature management system.
  • Switching power supply ensures stability of the instant product dose and electric safety protections.
  • Multi- protocol electronics.
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