Necta Rondo

Necta Rondo- Combination Vending Machine

Rondò vending machine dispenses snacks, cans, Tetra-Pack containers, bottles and offers an excellent capacity to size ratio with a refined design. The large illuminated glass front makes it an ideal solution for busy sites due to increased visibility of the products.


The temperature can be even ((8-12°C) or stratified (separate temperature values for lower trays and upper trays). This can be attained by closing the shutters on the air duct placed on the back wall of the refrigerated box.

User Interface
  • Easy identification of items due to optimum visibility.
  • Blue alphanumeric display with 4 lines and 20 characters.
  • 12 button numeric keypad and 5 direct selection button kit (optional).
  • Direct selection button enables virtual selection.
  • Sound signal to indicate dispensing sequence.
  • Ergonomic compartment enabling easy access to the dispensed product.
Electronic Control
  • The 16-bit electronic control with flash EPROM is flexible and comprehensive.
  • Allows automatic setup and also provides easy access to statistics via a palmtop device with RS232 connection or IRDA.
  • Designed to work well with Astro and Oblò, using master and slave mode. A single payment system can be shared between both machines.
  • Lock with programmable code.
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