The Era of Intelligent Vending

The vending industry is at a tipping point that heralds the arrival of “Intelligent Vending”. Almost all of us have had bad experiences with vending machines in past. Some of the common problems are vending machines that gulp your money and dispense nothing, dispensing a product you did not want or being out of stock. So what is the solution? Intelligent Vending is the answer.

What is Intelligent Vending?

Key elements of intelligent vending are touch screen interfaces facilitated with multiple transaction modes such as Near Field Communication, safe credit card transactions, remote management, seamless networking and an engaging and intuitive interface for a better vending experience. Intelligent vending will allow business owners to manage their businesses more effectively than ever including inventory management. More information about the products will be on display and these machines will be facilitated with multiple modes of transactions which will be a great vending experience for consumers.

Intelligent vending will also benefit advertisers as they will be able to advertise products at the point of purchase. They will also have information of the products selected by the consumers, which will assist them to study consumers purchasing patterns. Thanks to the centrally managed, flexible software company, Intel Architecture.

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