Vending Market- Key Expansion Trends 2013

Over the years the vending machine industry has witnessed machines evolve from bare bone coin operated equipment to jaw dropping tweet vending machines.

The industry gradually transformed into what it is today because of its focus on consumer demands and trends. What else could it possibly do? Tweet vending machines, interactive and interesting social media machines, google wallet and NFC machines just to name a few. The industry has left no stone unturned to exceed its customers’ expectations.

Does this mean it has reached an impasse? What does the industry need to focus on throughout 2013 to continue its expansion . Here are some key trends that will determine the vending machine’s industry’s growth in year ahead –

vending market trends
  1. Cash-in on cashless vending: Ironically interesting ! Isn’t it? But true. Gen X and Gen Y do not carry cash any more. Although coin operated machines still exist, clients prefer to use machines that offer plastic card payment options.
  2. Micro-markets: Micro-markets will continue to see an increase in 2013 as well. This a rapidly growing section within the vending industry. Although vending cannot be replaced by micro-markets, it is going to contribute to the progress of vending industry. Some operators have not tapped into this market and the real secret behind the expansion of micro-markets is the variety it can offer.
  3. Coffee: Coffee lovers are located across Australia and this year is not going to be any different. There is a huge consumer base that are still deprived of coffee at work due to the lack of coffee vending machines in the workplace. If we look at it differently, snack and cold drink operators can take advantage of this market by providing coffee vending machines to its clients.

2013 is going to be a competitive but a year full of opportunities. Formulate strategies that are in sync with the above factors and watch your vending machines business soar to new heights.

By John Apostolides

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