Micro Market Australia

Healthy Micro Market Vending in Australia

Micro market vending is changing the look, feel, and convenience of Australian retail.

Micro market vending machines make automated self-service of healthy food and beverages possible, in any secure business location. Popular locations include Australian gyms, offices, schools, and workplaces.

How Fresh Healthy Micro Markets Work

Healthy micro markets in Sydney have been increasing in popularity for some time. Moreover, healthy micro markets in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide are also commonplace. This is thanks to the fact that setting up a micro health market requires zero upfront investment.

Our Healthy Micro Market Business Model

When starting a healthy micro market in Melbourne or any other Australian city, we supply all Micro Market hardware and inventory.

After setting up Micro Markets in business locations, our sales managers remotely monitor stock levels and replenish these whenever necessary. All Australian businesses need to do, is keep kiosk machines powered and secure. Moreover, after working with us to set up a micro health market, businesses receive ongoing support, regular maintenance, and restocking.

Australian Consumers Prefer Fresh Healthy Micro Markets

Vending machines in schools, offices, and workplaces, often only stock sugary snacks and confectionery. Employees, therefore, often avoid canteen vending machines, as do members of the wider public.

Our Healthy Micro Market Products

Establishing a smart Micro Market in your business gives your employees and customers more options.

Our own micro market vending machines provide refrigerated storage of nutritious soups, noodle dishes, salads, fruits, and healthy snacks. We also actively match different healthy product lines with different businesses. Because of this, Micro Markets in schools are often stocked with different products to those found in Australian gyms and workplaces.

Healthy Micro Market Business Benefits

Fresh, healthy Micro Markets allow Australian businesses to grow extra income streams passively.

In Australia, more people are health aware than ever before. Because of this, many consumers actively seek out healthier alternatives to everyday confectionery items. At AusBox, we help businesses meet consumer demands for such options. More importantly, our kiosk machines make hot and cold food service available, in areas and locations where this would otherwise be impossible.

Fully Brand Your Micro Market

A Micro Market is a fantastic way to monetize otherwise dead space in building kitchens, staff rooms, and canteen areas. However, regular vending machines often look out of place. Thankfully, we tackle this problem. Specifically, by fully branding food service kiosks with your business insignia and colors. Pop-up healthy Micro Markets, therefore, integrate flawlessly with existing business architecture and decor.

Secure Payments & Safe Food Handling

Because we handle all inventory, businesses which invest in establishing an on-site Micro Market, never have to worry about safe food handling, preparation, or service.

Rather than being coin operated, our Micro Markets also allow customers to pay by credit card and Apple Pay. This eliminates human accounting errors, common coin-operated machine maintenance problems, and maximizes Micro Market profits in the process.

Call Now to Set Up a Micro Market in Your Location

AusBox makes it easy to start passively monetizing more foot traffic within your business. Find out more about how our healthy canteen Micro Markets and self-service kiosks work, by reaching out to us today for more information.

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