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Be Your Own Boss with Ausbox Vending Machine Business

Ever thought of being your own Boss? Want to start your business but stuck with worries? Well, Ausbox has a solution with its business vending machine. You can choose your own work hours with the help of Ausbox’s Snacks Vending Machines and Drink Vending Machines. Start off your vending machine business as small as you wish and grow with this business opportunity at your own pace.Ausbox offers one of the best business opportunities in the high volume, high demand, workplace snack, drinks & espresso coffee market. We have been delivering snacks, drinks and espresso coffee to the workplaces in Melbourne since 2004.

How it started?

The concept originally began by servicing clients who had 2 – 500 employees. Having perfected the business method to this niche market place, we have found that with careful training, contractors could replicate our system.Our training and launch program provides contractors with a ready to operate vending machine business in their local area like Melbourne. A genuine client base of small businesses and office sites are sourced by our sales team which guarantees a cash income, right from week one. Ausbox is totally committed to providing excellent contractor support, guiding each contractor through all stages of business development. Strong branded products and friendly professional service are the keys to Ausbox’s success story.Through this business opportunity, you will start generating income as soon as you place your first Ausbox unit. At this stage the math is quite simple – the more sited Ausbox units you own, the more income you potentially generate.

The business advantage of owning a home based business does not stop at generating profit. You may qualify for a number of additional tax deductions, such as:

  • Percentage of home mortgage interest/rent
  • Property Taxes
  • Insurance
  • Utilities
  • Car/Van Expenses

*Always check with your tax specialist to see if you qualify.

Ausbox Vending Machine Business
Ausbox Vending Machine Business Melbourne

Ausbox Contractors
One of the prime features of the Ausbox system is its focus on customer service. We look for people with high standards who take pride in their work. We give services in different areas including Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and other parts of Australia.Our contractors choose the Ausbox’s vending machine business for the following:

  • Snack Box Business
  • Drink Fridge Business
  • Snack Drink & Coffee Vending Business
  • Espresso Coffee Business
  • Lolly & Nut Vending Business

Each Vending Machines contractor has a territory in which they receive exclusive rights of first refusal. The contractor will select which business they want to operate in their allocated territory.

The service as provided attracts a small flat monthly fee, of which a contractor can choose to offer a variety of services to build his business in a compact area close to his home. The contractor is encouraged to choose a mixture of services that he thinks will generate the desired income and lifestyle.

Ausbox will also forward business leads to its contractors ensuring that their vending machine business grows over time. An ignored lead not only upsets the client, it even denies work to another contractor who might need it. Our billing service contains a small fee for every lead which gives an extra incentive to follow up. The success of the Ausbox system depends on our contractors making the best possible income.

Recession-Proof Business
Over the years, confectionery drinks and coffee have proven to be a dependable recession-proof business. Your Ausbox units are always on the job, displaying nationally advertised products 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Let your Ausbox units be your best salesperson, while you concentrate on where to place your next income generating unit.

Why choose Ausbox?
Choosing Ausbox for your vending machine business, you get the following advantages:

  • Higher growth rate of your business
  • No rent for an office or additional utility fees
  • Significant tax advantages
  • Full guidance and assistance as & when needed

If you are interested in pursuing your own home based business opportunity, please continue to explore our site or call us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about an Ausbox business and the benefits of joining the Ausbox team. Be it in any part of Australia including Melbourne, Adelaide or Sydney, we are available 24×7!!

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