Micro Market Sydney

Micro Market Sydney

Our Team

Here at Ausbox, our customers are at the top for us. Any glitches in the system will be fixed as soon as possible by our team. Although the chance of that is very minimal because the systems used are highly sophisticated.

All Your Questions will be answered

If there are any questions regarding the system, all your confusion can be cleared out by our team. They are professionals who are highly cooperative and to them, your ease is the most important.

No More Compromises on Health

Exercise is not the only thing which will make you fit. Your diet plays a pretty major role as well. This is why you need to understand that having one unhealthy meal every day can have adverse effects on your health. Micro Market Sydney saves you from that offering you a vast range of healthy food and drinks choices.

The Growth of Micro Market Sydney

People have now come to realize how important it is to have a healthy diet even when you are away from home. Due to this reason, a lot of people are actually setting Micro Markets at their workplaces and schools so that everyone has healthier and better choices.

Micro Markets

A new and innovative way to turn your lifestyle into a healthy one is Micro Market Sydney. This gives you an amazing and vast range of healthy foods and drinks. Micro Market Sydney is quite a unique and exciting way to make healthier choices and improve your lifestyle.

Micro Market Sydney for Students

Many reports and researches show how students’ health is deteriorating with time. The major reason behind this is not just their work stress but also their poor diets. Canteens have nothing healthy to offer except for one or two salads or some fresh juices. Micro Market Sydney changes that by providing much healthier food choices on campus. Students do not even have to leave the school premises to go and eat something healthy. It is convenient and amazing.


Micro Market Sydney can prove to be amazing for employee care and productivity. This is because just like students employees do not have healthy food options available at work. This results in obesity and deteriorating health. This further results in more work leaves and unproductivity. Micro Markey Sydney offers healthy foods and drinks of all types at the workplace. Health conscious employees do not need to go all the way to the nearest healthy restaurant anymore because they can find a vast range of healthy food options at the workplace.


Micro Markey Sydney is designed in a way which uses all automated systems and a self-service system. With this, you basically do not need any manual labor such as cashiers or other staff. All the consumers need to do is just pay with their cards. The system is completely automated through which they do not have to be stuck in long lines waiting to pay.

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