Unique and Trendy Micro Market Designs

Micro markets are very convenient and compact. These do not require any extra space and can be easily designed to fit your needs. There is no need to for an entirely wide-spread infrastructure. Ausbox supplies and installs micro markets for you according to your needs and wants.

Customization for everyone
The design is based on the space and location you have. It is then accordingly designed by specialists so that there is no extra room was taken and full advantage of the space is taken.

A place for employees to spend some time away from their desks
Employees spend their entire day setting in front of their desks. This makes them inefficient and not productive enough. This also makes many people resent their jobs because no one likes to sit around in one place.

  • A great place to take a break and socialize a little.
  • A great ambiance provides employees the opportunity to lighten their mood and have some healthy food.
  • A café like setting makes them feel like they are away from their offices

All of this is very beneficial for employees both mentally and physically. This then results in better performance of employees.

Lighting is taken into consideration
Micro markets are very carefully built. The lighting is given importance because very less lighting can result in the employees feeling less active. Light being too bright will cause agitation in employees easily. Thus the light is kept in moderation. This also helps in highlighting the products available in the micro market.

There is still room for creativity
Beautiful wall designs which are either digital or any other kind add a fancy touch to the entire ambiance. This makes it an even more desirable place to get away from desks and spend some quality time with fellow colleagues. All of this makes employees much fresher and energized.

Attractive Display Fridges
The fridges displayed are extremely attractive with catchy labels which lighten up the place. The products displayed look very attractive as well which actually make you want to buy things.

No compromise on technology
High-tech self-scanning payment kiosks are used which make the entire procedure much more efficient and bases it on self-service. Security cameras are also installed which basically keep a good check and balance so that there is no stealing.

Modern style + Comfort
Both these are taken care of side by side. Modern display shelves and microwaves are also available for installation. The installation of all these things is done in a way that they look modern and stylish whilst taking care of comfort.

Do not forget about style
The interior is something which is not overlooked. A good ambiance can make a person feel much better. Moreover, it is not decorated according to a formal setting but is much more casual and bright. If employees step away from one formal, office-like setting to another then that is not going to make much of a difference. This is why there is no compromise on style. Contact Ausbox Micro Market today and get so much more!

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