Google Wallet – NFC Vending Machines and Myths

NFC technology is all set to make its way into our daily lives. You may have either read, watched videos and news reports on NFC and wondered what the fuss is about. While NFC is being used in major cities of the US, (courtesy ISIS) we will soon see NFC vending machines in Australia. Before we will discuss the myths surrounding NFC, lets understand what NFC is and how it works:

google nfc vending machine
  • Google Wallet and NFC (Near Field Communication):-NFC stands for Near Field Communication which enables communication between 2 devices. Unlike bluetooth, NFC doesn’t require pairing and it also eliminates the disadvantage of smart cards that are only capable of one way communication. NFC requires less power compared to other technologies. You can wave your NFC enabled smart phone instead of swiping your credit card to make the payment or to transfer data to a different device. Google wallet uses NFC technology to make payments, stores your data on the phone, so now you do not need to take out your credit card to make payments. It also allows you to store loyalty points.
  • Myths about NFC:- One of the popular myths is that NFC is new and unreliable. Well, this technology has been available for over 6 years now. It has been successfully across Europe and Asia. Another myth is that a small percentage phones are NFC enabled. This is not correct as over 90 percent phone manufacturers have launched NFC enabled phones in 2012. HTC Evo 4G LTE , Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket, LG Nexus 4 , HTC Droid DNA, Samsung Galaxy Note II to name a few.
  • Pepsi’s Social Vending:- Pepsi pioneered social vending machine in year 2011. A prototype that allowed a person to gift a Pepsi to his friend via the vending machine. He will receive a code on his mobile phone which he can use to redeem the gift at the nearby vending machine. Not only that, the one who gifted the drink, can also record a personalised message which his friend can see while redeeming the gift. This drink vending machine surely reserves the prerogative of being called ‘Socially Innovative’.

NFC will take technology to the next level in 2013. Taking out your old wallet to make payments will be soon the thing of past. NFC digital wallets will change our purchasing habits moving forward.For more information about NFC enabled vending machines, click:-

By John Apostolides

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