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Santa Clara County in California is trying to encourage kids to read. Kids growing up amidst technological advancements has made them tech savvy, but at the expense of literacy as their fascination for digital products has steered them away from reading books. Santa Clara County has launched a new prototype mini library vending machine with an aim to curb declining literacy.

Over 40 % of third graders read below their grade level. The vending machine has interactive features and an attractive interface which offers more than 200 books for kindergarten and pre-school readers below the age of 5. Books can be borrowed by scanning a library card, and can be returned through a nearby return bin. The vending machine was made possible by a $35,000 grant by First 5- a local public agency of Santa Clara County.

The agency is keen to measure the effectiveness of this machine so that other cities can be inspired for the scheme. Many are sceptical about the effectiveness of this scheme due to the availability of affordable reading devices in the market.

By John Apostolides

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