Ausbox V

Ausbox V – Glass Fronted vending machines are well equipped with the latest features and benefits. These refrigerated glass front vending machines can be customized to stock and vend products ranging from chips, chocolates, lollies, cans, bottles, tetra packs, cookies, shaker bottles, pot noodles to headphones, personal hygiene products to name a few. This vending machine offers great value for money and is appropriate for locations with limited spaces.

Dimensions Standard Capacities
Height -1830mm 49 Selections (various configurations available)
Depth – 820mm Drink – 161 items
Width – 1056mm Snack – 80 items
Weight – 340kg Confectionery – 135 items
Total – 345 items
  • European refrigeration system with thermostatic control
  • Credit is held until the product is delivered.
  • Double gazed window
  • Shelf height that can be adjusted
  • Easy access to disabled people
  • Fully insulated cabinet
  • Dual zone cooling
  • Vend Sensors
  • Lockable cash box that makes it secure
  • Spacious interior storage drawers
  • Easy loading as trays can tilt at 45°
  • LED lighting for improved vending experience
  • Single or dual spirals for enhanced product delivery
  • MOB Payment system ready, Including coin, bill and card ready
Electrical Supply: 240 volts 50Hz, 7 amp fused
  • Electronic multiple pricing accessed via keypad
  • Illuminated display for messages and images with scrolling
  • Functions well with cashless, telemetry systems & all leading MDB mechanisms
  • Safety circuit breaker and integral push buttons
  • 24v DC Motors

Eliminating issues with refunds from vending machines, VendAssureTM is wonderful system incorporated in these machines that uses invisible light beams above the product retrieval compartment. Should a product fail to fall into the retrieval compartment, the motor will turn two more times. If the product still doesn’t fall into the retrieval chamber, then the customer will be prompted to make another selection or else, he will receive a refund. VendAssure™ is instrumental in reducing service calls and customer complaints for refund.

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