Micro Market Perth

Health Issues Faced Today

Whenever people are away from their homes at their workplaces or schools, they have to eat whatever is available there. The food options available there are not healthy at all. Most of them are filled with fat and oil. Consuming this every day can have adverse effects on one’s health.

How does Micro Market Perth Help with That?

Micro Market Perth provides consumers with a vast range of health and nutritious food options. They include options which are less oily and much less fattening. These include snacks, drinks both cold and hot and a lot of other fresh food options.

Micro Market Canteens

As students, we have witnessed ourselves how schools serve extremely unhealthy food. These affect the student’s health very badly which further affects their studies. These food choices also decrease their productivity and result in obesity at a very young age as well.

Pure Bliss for Diet Conscious People

A lot of people who are conscious about their diet suffer greatly because of the food available at their workplaces and schools. They have to cook their lunch themselves and pack it or travel out of the way to grab their meals. Micro Market Perth brings so much ease to their lives by providing them with healthy food and drinks choices at their place of work and schools. This way they do not even have to leave the premises and consume healthy and nutritious food.

Amazing for Employees

Employees’ health suffers a lot due to the food available at their workplace or near it. They also often do not have the time to pack their lunch themselves. This has adverse effects on their health and productivity. Micro Market Perth is an amazing way to bring improvement to employees’ lifestyles and productivity.

Our Team

Our team at Ausbox is dedicated to providing you with all kinds of assistance that you might need. Any problem with the system or any question regarding it will be solved as soon as possible. Our team makes sure that you go through no inconvenience whatsoever. After all, the main purpose of Micro Market Perth is to improve the lifestyles and health of consumers.

Sophisticated Systems are used

Automated software which is highly sophisticated is used. This provides consumers with a self-service system. There is no need for a cashier or other staff. Consumers just simply have to scan their cards to pay for the food of their choice and they are done.

Location is no issue

Micro Markets are set at the premises you want. If it is your workplace or your school, it is not set up near but at the premises. This way you do not have to leave the premises just to get food. You can stay in the building and have nutritious food. Moreover, in short breaks, you can always grab some snacks from the Micro Market. This will keep you much more alert and energized.

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