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Ausbox’s goal is to deliver snacks, drinks, coffee, lollies, and nuts to your workplace. Ausbox has the most comprehensive range of Vending Machines available for you to choose from. Your friendly local contractor will source and supply products to suit your needs.


The benefits of dealing with Ausbox is a drink range that consists of the most popular soft drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks, still waters, flavoured waters, mineral waters, fruit juices, iced tea, flavoured milk, espresso coffee and many other types of drink vending machines.


The benefits of dealing with Ausbox is a snack range that consists of the markets most popular standard/premium chips, standard/premium/king size/pick and mix chocolates, health bars, health snacks, cookies, bulk lollies, bulk nuts, gum food solutions & more.

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Product Range Manufacturer
Coca Cola Coca Cola
Coke Zero
Diet Coke
Pepsi PepsiCo
Pepsi Max
Solo Cadbury Schweppes
Sunkist Sunkist Growers
Schweppes Lemonade Cadbury Schweppes
Schweppes Mineral Water
Schweppes Orange & Mango
Schweppes Lemon & Lime
Red Bull Red Bull
V Frucor Beverages
Gatorade PepsiCo
Powerade Coca Cola
Big M Chocolate National Foods
Big M Iced Coffee
Big M Strawberry
Golden Circle Orange Juice Golden Circle
Golden Circle Apple Juice
Golden Circle Apple Blackcurrant
Vitamin Water Coca Cola
Still Water – Mount Franklin
Still Water – Original
Carlini Coffee
Genovese Coffee
Hot Chocolate

…and many more!
Just ask your local contractor for any special requests.

Product / Quantity Manufacturer
Smiths Salt & Vinegar Smiths Snackfood
Smiths BBQ
Smiths Chicken
Smiths Cheese
Smiths Original
Kettle Chilli Kettle Foods
Kettle Herb & Spice
Kettle Original Salted
Kettle Honey Baked Ham
Kettle Rock Salt & Vinegar
Red Rock Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream Smiths Snackfood
Red Rock Chilli
Red Rock Honey Soy Chicken
Red Rock Lime & Peppercorn
Twisties Cheese
Twisties Chicken
Burger Rings
CCs Arnott’s Biscuits
Doritos Smiths Snackfood
Tasty Toots
Samboy Salt & Vinegar Samboy
Samboy BBQ
Samboy Chicken
Samboy Original
Samboy Atomic Tomato
Gluten Free Vege Crackers
– BBQ Cheese
Gluten Free Vege Crackers
– Sweet Chilli Lime
Gluten Free Vege Crackers
– Balsamic Vinegar & Sea Salt
Snickers Mars
Cherry Ripe Cadbury Schweppes
Time Out
Dairy Milk Chocolate
Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut
Europe Apricot & Coconut Cadbury Schweppes
Europe Nougat Honey Log
Europe Sesame Bar
Aero Nestle
Aero Mint Chocolate
Milky Bar
Kit kat
Future Bake Triple Choc Future Bake Australia
Future bake Fruit & Nut
Go Natural Yoghurt Fruit & Nut Delight Go Natural
Go Natural Nut Delight
Go Natural Almond Apricot

…and many more!
Just ask your local contractor for any special requests.

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