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Being one of the leading vending machine suppliers in Australia, Ausbox provides vending machines in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin, absolutely for FREE.

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Being one of the leading vending machine suppliers in Australia, Ausbox provides vending machines in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin, absolutely for FREE.

vending machine suppliers Australia

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About Ausbox Group Vending Machine

Innovative Vending Machine Solutions

Today vending machines are not restricted to being just your standard on-the-go snack/drink dispensers. They have evolved greatly over the years and now vending machines are used for a multitude of retail items including, fresh food, hot food, frozen food, healthcare, beauty, electronic and even sanitary PPE products.

With a slew of smart vending machines making their way into the mainstream markets, Ausbox Group brings you a range of innovative and intelligent vending solutions. Ausbox Group is a progressive and trusted brand in Australia and specialise in offering customised free vending machines. Whatever your vending requirements, we provide you with state of the art vending machines which seamlessly fits into your unique demands.

Our extensive array of vending solutions include:

  • Coffee Vending Machines
  • Combination Vending Machines
  • Credit Card Vending Machines
  • Healthy Vending Machines
  • Fresh food Vending Machines
  • Hot food Vending machines
  • Traditional Vending Machines
  • Frozen food Vending Machines
  • Custom Vending Machines

Receive a Free Vending Machine

Ausbox Vending Group offers free vending machine solutions. We provide free delivery, free stocking and free servicing for vending machines across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide and all major Australian cities. Our solutions are very simple – All you have to do is simply pay for what you consume. There are no extra charges!

Credit Card Vending Machine Or Premium Vending Machines

Cashless Vending Machines for Sale – How Our Credit Card Vending Solutions Work? We are moving towards a cashless world. The days utilizing cash to purchase a drink or pack of chips are over! With our cashless payment technology, the consumer can make the transactions effortlessly. Credit Card, Tap & Go, Pay Wave, Apple Pay, Android Pay and more

How To Receive A Free Vending Machine

  1. Please complete the ENQUIRE NOW – Complementary Consultation online Enquiry to let us know you are interested in a FREE vending machine. An Ausbox vending machine consultant will respond and forward our vending machine brochures, vending machine product list and any additional vending machine information relating to your specific requirements.
  2. At this point upon reviewing the information and if you would like to know more Ausbox will call you to discuss your requirements in greater detail and schedule a no obligation site inspection if required. This is to ensure the correct vending machine size is selected and to work with you on the correct vending machine set up and any specific onsite procedures
  3. If you are happy to proceed at this point notify Ausbox and we will arrange your FREE vending machine, FREE vending machine delivery, FREE vending machine installation and FREE ongoing vending machine services including refills and maintenance of your onsite vending machine.
  4. Very SIMPLE and EASY process – No cost, No contacts NO FUSS… FREE vending machine services. You simply pay for what you consume. It couldn’t be easier to receive a FREE vending machine for your business.

Why Choose Ausbox Group Vending Machine?

Expansive Product Range

Ausbox Vending Group will stock your vending machines with a variety of products from mainstream as well as emerging brands. Our extensive products range includes traditional products, healthy products, fresh food products, hot food products, frozen food products, cold drinks, real bean coffee, hot chocolate and more.

Regular Refills For Great Consumer Experience

Ausbox vending machines are fitted with remote stock monitoring which allows us to manage your stock levels and mix of popular items. Therefore, we attend and refill the vending machines as frequently as possible to ensure the vending machines are fully stocked with your favourite products.

Quick Turnaround Times

In a rare incidence of a technical glitch, we attend to your site within 24 hours to fix the problem. In addition to this, we keep a close watch on the inventory and receive notifications on low stock items and maintenance issues.

Vending Machine

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost our business to have an Ausbox vending machine at our location?

Approved businesses will receive a FREE vending machine, FREE delivery, Free installation and Free ongoing maintenance and stock refills. The only cost to your business is the electricity the vending machine uses which is minimal as the vending machine is eco-friendly.

Can we select the products for our vending machine?

Yes you can select the products form our extensive product list. Any products which do not appear on the Ausbox product lists will be sourced for your vending machine. Ausbox vending machine is an independent vending machine operator who will work with you to ensure your vending machine is stocked with products your business and staff request. Initially to keep things simple we ask you to recommend a few items and we will add our most requested and popular products.

What is your most popular vending machine and product request?

Currently our most popular vending machine is our credit card combination vending machine which is filled with a mix of healthy and transitional products. Credit card combination vending machines are filled with snacks and drinks and are available in different sizes depending on your available space and staff numbers.

How does Ausbox know how frequently to restock our vending machine?

All Ausbox vending machines are fitted with credit card readers and back to base remote stock monitoring systems. We received notifications on low stock items and machine faults.

When should we expect our vending machine to be delivered to our location?

You should expect your vending machine delivery within 1 – 3 weeks.

Do we need to sign a vending machine contact?

No vending machine contact is required unless this is a specific requirement that you request form Ausbox. If you are not happy with our vending machine and services we will remove the vending machine.

What payment systems are installed on the vending machine?

Credit card reader, note reader, change giving coin reader, pay wave, tap & go, apple and android pay.

How quickly will Ausbox respond to vending machine faults.

Generally the same day or next business day.

Can I change the product in the vending machine?

Yes of course we will continually work with you to change the product mix in the vending machine.

We Offer Vending Machine Business Opportunities Across Australia

Dreaming of your own vending machine business? With our unique and progressive business model Ausbox Vending will provide you an amazing opportunity to begin an automated retail business. Whether you want to start a vending machine business in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth or Adelaide, Ausbox Vending Group will assist you with premium vending machine solutions and opportunities across Australia.


The vending machine businesses has evolved over time. Vending machine technology has advanced and all Ausbox vending machines are fitted with credit card readers and remote stock monitoring. Consumers are now requesting and demanding that a greater variety of vending machine products
be available and stocked in each vending machine. An Ausbox vending machine can now be stocked with a wide range of products which may include the following:

  • Snack Food
  • Healthy Food
  • Fresh Food
  • Hot Food
  • Hot Coffee
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Frozen Food
  • Cold Drinks

Contact Ausbox Vending today to receive our extensive product list for your vending machine.


Would you like to replace your current outdated vending machine? Is your current vending machine product offering limited and restrictive? Contact Ausbox for a complementary vending machine consultation and vending machine upgrade. Your new Ausbox vending machine will be fitted with the latest credit card reader and tap and go technology. Ausbox will work with you to create a product offering inline with your needs. Contact Ausbox today to receive a new vending machine upgrade.


Ausbox Vending Machine services are available throughout Australia and include the following cities

  • Vending Machine Sydney
  • Vending Machine Melbourne
  • Vending Machine Brisbane
  • Vending Machine Gold Coast
  • Vending Machine Canberra
  • Vending Machine Adelaide
  • Vending Machine Perth
  • Vending Machine Darwin
  • Vending Machine Hobart

Contact Ausbox Vending Machine for a complementary consultation on a vending machine solution.


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