Gym Vending Machines

Healthy Vending Machines for Gyms & Health and Fitness Clubs

Patrons hit Gym vending machine areas the second they exit changing rooms. Grabbing a healthy refreshment after a workout is vital. Especially when hitting the Gym before work or in between personal appointments.

To cater to busy Gym patrons, Ausbox, equip Australian Gyms and Health Clubs with state-of-the-art vending machines. For Gyms to realise the best ROI possible, we also stock our fitness vending machines with Australia’s most trusted healthy snack and beverage choices.

Zero Hassle, 100% Reliable Gym Vending Machines

Ausbox fitness vending machines cater exclusively to health and fitness lovers.

There is no bigger let down after a workout than Gym vending machines stocked full of sugary snacks. Ausbox changes this. Specifically, by working with leading health brands to stock Health Club vending machines with a variety of nutritious post-workout refreshments.

Ausbox fitness vending machines use online monitoring to let our site managers know when stock needs replenishing. Health Clubs, therefore, benefit from a convenient, completely automated revenue stream, requiring no upfront investment.

Ausbox Health Vending Machines & Your Health Club

  • Every Ausbox Gym vending machine can be custom branded with your Health Club colours and logo
  • Ausbox health vending machine sales are monitored in real-time by dedicated site managers
  • Online monitoring allows us to automatically replenish stock and introduce new product lines matching real-time on-site sales trends
  • Ausbox Gym vending machines automate F&B sales while decluttering Health Club receptions and rest areas
  • Benefit from free delivery, free staff training, and ongoing support

24/7 Uptime

Leading Australian Gyms and Health Clubs offer members 24-hour access. However, operating cafeteria and snack bars 24/7 isn’t always economically feasible. Ausbox Gym vending machines address this problem, by guaranteeing 24/7 availability of snacks and refreshments.

24/7 availability of Health Club vending machines add value to member experiences. At the same time, Gyms benefit from healthier profits, while freeing up time which staff can use to sell more memberships.

Gym Goers Expect Healthier Refreshment Choices

Gym and Health Club members make more informed nutritional decisions than other demographics. Food is fuel. However, Gyms and Health Clubs often lack the purchasing power necessary to stock in-demand health food brands.

Ausbox helps Gyms appeal to health and fitness aficionados. Specifically, by providing Health Clubs with a zero-hassle, low-cost way, to stock high-quality snacks and healthy beverages. More importantly, by making available healthier refreshments, Gyms demonstrate a steadfast commitment to helping patrons achieve personal health and fitness goals.

Enquire About a Free Gym Vending Machine Today

Ausbox is different to other vending machine distributors. We don’t lock Gyms and Health Clubs into lengthy contracts. Nor do we charge for delivery or installation of our line of fitness vending machines.

Benefit from being able to stock the best health brands with zero upfront costs involved. Speak to one of our team today, by completing the below enquiry form.

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