Necta Snakky Max

Necta Snakky Max was designed to complement other Necta models. Snakky Max has an aesthetic appeal with an LED-lit cell. Necta Snakky Max dispenses fresh products due to efficient cooling and energy management system that also lowers energy consumption by about 20%.


  • Excellent capacity
  • Flexible layout
  • Spiral layout to vend and stock various food products.
  • MOB Payment system ready – Including coin, bill and card reader acceptance.
User Interface & Design
  • LED cell lighting
  • Panoramic window with an elegant design
  • Three payment system installation
  • LED cell lighting
  • Acoustic signal for product delivery.
Electronics & Maintenance
  • Highly efficient cooling system
  • Latest energy saving system
  • Automatic setup as well as statistics retrieval system
  • 16 bit electronics furnished with 4 megabyte flash eprom
  • Blue alphanumeric display with 20 characters on 4 lines
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