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Micro Markets - Micro Market Technology & Benefits

Micro Markets continually leverage new technologies to increase profits and provide extra value to consumers. In fact, as of 2019, there is no single technological definition of what constitutes a Micro Market.

Micro Market Technology is Evolving

Ausbox are Australian pioneers of Micro Markets powered by smart vending machines.

Gone are the days of coin-operated soft drink machines. In their place, Ausbox Micro Markets stock everything from grab and go meals, sandwiches and healthy options. (The latter of which are, ideal for placement in gyms and cinemas.)

However, smart vending machines represent just one form of Micro Market technology being implemented across Australia. Using radio frequency identification tags and pressure-sensitive shelves, it is already possible to create walk-in Micro Markets which are visually indistinguishable from regular convenience stores.

Micro Market Technology Benefits

Micro Markets are already challenging the existing vending machine market. Better product choice and smarter inventory management make consumers more likely to use a Micro Market than a traditional vending machine.

Micro Markets like those made available by Ausbox can stock prepared nutritious meals, fresh fruit, fresh dairy items, and much more. By 2022, it is, therefore, estimated that Micro Markets will be in use across 35,000 new locations, generating upwards of $1.6 billion in extra retail revenue.

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Increased Location Profits

Office complexes, gyms, hospitals, and work rest areas, often lack facilities required to offer in-house catering and nutritious refreshments. Micro Markets tackle this problem. Specifically, by making nutritious products available, regardless of facility limitations.

Zero set up costs effectively allow businesses to tap new revenue streams with zero risk, zero disruption to existing operations, and zero upfront investment.

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Micro Markets Eliminate Waste & Human Error

Micro Markets like those provided by Ausbox, have inventory automatically replenished by dedicated local sales managers. As well as an added convenience to businesses, this eliminates waste and maximizes profits. More importantly, cashless payment options eliminate human accounting and inventory management errors.

Where Can Micro Market Technology be Utilized?

Micro Markets can be placed in any secure location. Popular locations currently include workplaces, leisure centers, schools, and offices. To find out if your site could be suitable, reach out to one of the Ausbox team today for more information.

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