LEI 400

LEI 400 is a flat door, automatic vending machine for hot drinks, with the capacity of 400 cups. It is also equipped with 13 selection buttons, out of which 3 used for pre-selections for sugar dosage and decaffeinated.

User Interface
  • Selection panel equipped with 13 intuitive push buttons. 10 for direct selections, 1 for pre-selection (it could be configured for selection as well). 2 push buttons are for sugar dosage.
  • Sugar dosage can be customised
  • End selection acoustic signal
  • Alphanumeric display of 32 digits
  • Slow falling dispensing door
  • Offers easy access to disabled people
  • Backlight on the upper lexan for branding purposes
  • Great flexibility of configurations that enables multiple combinations apt to acknowledge different sales requests for various products.
  • Door lock with programmable code
  • Extractable mixers and boiler assembly that enables easier maintenance operations
  • Serpentine kit for all versions of tea
  • Cup dispenser can be adjusted between 70-75 mm diameters. Dispenser can also function well for 90 or 105 mm stirrers
  • Switching power supply ensures stability of the instant product dose and electric safety protections
  • Multi-protocol electronics
  • MOB Payment system ready – Including coin, bill and card reader acceptance
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