Coffee Vending Machine Business

Delivering Espresso Coffee to the workplace

The Ausbox Espresso Coffee concept is very simple. You own a number of fully automated gourmet espresso coffee machines that provide a coffee experience on par with any cafe, but are located right in the workplace.

The machines are equipped with state of the art technology, they are easy to use and are fully automatic they are fun to use and produce a fantastic coffee.

Staff and clients can now enjoy a stunning tasting coffee anytime they want. No need to take long walks to the cafe. As we work longer hours and on weekend’s staff and clients can now have a quality coffee available anytime.

Sourcing businesses that want an Ausbox Coffee Vending Machine installed is simple and as this is a growing market there are many quality sites available. Business knows that their staff and clients want a cafe quality coffee at the workplace.

There is no upfront cost for their business and there is no risk for them, this makes acquiring clients very simple and your focus is on locating prime sites that are going to provide you with quality returns.

Ausbox Espresso coffee is a great opportunity to have the flexibility of a small business with the experience and support of a progressive company. You will work together with a group of Ausbox Coffee operators as well as a head office team supporting you and your business.

Ausbox is committed to providing a professional espresso coffee delivery service & excellent contractor support.

Do you have:

  • A strong desire to own and run your own business
  • A current driver’s license
  • A desire to meet people
  • The commitment to provide professional service
  • A cheerful disposition
  • An organising ability
  • The ability to finance the capital required
  • A garage/designated packing area.
Be your own boss
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