Umbrella Vending Machines

In Northern Germany, Unna County’s transport operator has furnished the express bus service of route S30 with umbrella vending machines. Umbrella vending machines have been installed in the standing areas of the buses. An umbrella can be purchased for just 4 Euro. In order to make the machines compact, only 1 or 2 euro coins are accepted and these machines do not give any change. VKU will gauge the acceptance of these vending machines, and if the machines get a good response, they will furnish the buses running on the other routes with these vending machines.

VKU bought these machines from Dry2go, a young company that produces umbrella vending machines of all sizes. Earlier this year, AKN Railways, the operator of regional train lines in North of Hamburg, had installed umbrella vending machines on their platforms.

By John Apostolides

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