Healthy Micro Market Products

Providing you with the best solution

Micro markets are the best option to go about if you are looking for convenience and health at the same time. These things seldom go side by side which is why healthy micro markets serve you with nutritious food on site.

A vast variety of options

There is no restriction whatsoever when it comes to food options. Nutritionists have curated 300 plus healthy eating options in which there are different foods and drinks available. These food choices are pretty vast and include delicious and high in nutrition food.
Whether it is fresh fruits or salads, you can get everything on site including many different options.

Food options

  • You name it, you have it! You would think that all you can eat is salads and fresh fruits but you actually have the option to enjoy different kinds of meals which are carefully made keeping their nutrition in mind. These options are different kinds of wraps, sandwiches and veggie pods.
  • If you are not in the mood to eat something filling then there are different snacks available as well such as nuts, fruit bars crackers, and crisps.
  • Start your mornings with a healthy kick as you also have a number of delicious and healthy breakfast options available as well.
  • If you want to feel feeling refreshed and rejuvenated then enjoy the cold-pressed juices and the frothy healthy shakes available at the micro market.

Convenience is not compromised

A self-serving system allows you not to wait in lines. The systems are completely automated using sophisticated software. This allows you to simply select the food item of your choice and then pay it via card, apply for payment and also your fingerprint. It is that easy!

No need to travel distances

Get the healthiest food options right at your workplace, school or college. We often struggle with our short lunch breaks and rush through food. Not only is this unhealthy but also gives a very uncomfortable feeling afterword’s. With the micro markets being present there, you do not need to travel distances just to find healthy food options which makes it even more convenient and easy for you. This is also amazing for employee and student wellness.

We offer top-notch services

  • There is a manager responsible for each micro market which basically makes sure to restock and control the quality of the micro market.
  • Security and inventory are always maintained due to real-time monitoring. This is something which does not require a lot of staff which in turn improves efficiency.
  • This is not just healthy but also very exciting and engaging for the employees as there are rewards offered and new products are constantly introduced. This makes sure that there is no monotony in the market.

Health and wellbeing

Health is something which people have been compromising on since a long time. Now you no longer have to compromise on health due to work and education due to micro markets present on site.

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