Why is Micro Market Vending the Best Recourse for Universities and Colleges?

In a university or a college, students usually stay on campus. Hence, there is a huge requirement for general food products and water bottles throughout the day. This surging demand is often met through vending machines. Vending machines have thus become a common sight in universities as well as colleges across Australia. These are often…
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Cashierless Shopping: The Future of Retail Industry is Here!

For years, the fear of impending “retail apocalypse” has given way to numerous apprehensions, doubts, confusions and restlessness among the retailers. However, it seems the so-called retail cataclysm is nothing but baseless speculations! In fact, with the rise of various high-end technologies, the retail industry has been through a resurrection. Right from streamlined omnichannel shopping…
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Micro markets: The Penultimate Choice For Future-Oriented Businesses

According to a recent study, approximately 87% of consumers prefer to eat something healthy, especially during lunch hours.   With a majority of people shifting towards “healthy eating”, several modern businesses are taking proactive steps to capitalise on this growing trend for two major reasons: Improve the retention rates by offering employees what they want.…
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Vending machines are the future

Vending machines are everywhere. From malls to gyms, to airports and offices. Vending machines are here to stay. What's more is that Vending Machines are now being integrated with artificial intelligence for various benefits. Cigarette Vending Machines Cigarette Vending Machines are no exception. We are now able to leverage artificial intelligence to prevent cigarette sales…
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