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Micro Markets - What are They & How Can You Benefit?

Micro Markets are changing the face of Australian convenience stores and self-service retail outlets.

Australian businesses are continually looking for new ways to reduce costs. Micro Markets achieve this prerogative. Specifically, by using smart vending machines, self-service checkout kiosks, and other technologies, to minimize store staffing requirements.

What is a Micro Market?

At their most basic, Micro Markets are unattended, fully automated retail spaces. Micro Markets provided by Ausbox, therefore, make fantastic ROI additions to workplace cafeterias, school canteens, hospitals, and several other secure retail environments.

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Micro Market Consumer Benefits

Micro Markets are booming in Australia. This is primarily thanks to the fact that Micro Markets give more options to everyday consumers.

It often isn’t feasible for many businesses to operate a fully stocked canteen in an office complex or similar workplace 24/7. Employees and consumers are, therefore, limited to using soft drink and sugary snack vending machines when in need of refreshments.

Thankfully, Ausbox Micro Markets give consumers more options. This is thanks to the fact that Ausbox Micro Markets make available traditional refreshments like soft drinks, alongside healthy entrées like noodle, rice, and other hot dishes.

  • Micro Markets don’t require physical employee supervision
  • Products are available 24/7
  • Micro Market produce is fresh and offers consumers more variety

Micro Markets are Fully Automated

As well as offering consumers more nutritious product choices, Micro Markets provided by Ausbox, benefit from total automation.

We automatically replenish products in Ausbox vending machines. This means that after siting a new Micro Market, business owners don’t need to call to re-order inventory or manually handle products in any way.

Using smart product tracking and real-time sales analytics, Ausbox sales managers automatically replenish Micro Market product lines as and when needed. All that business owners need to do, is enjoy the benefits of extra passive sales income.

Establish a Free Micro Market in Your Workplace

Hot and cold food Ausbox Micro Market vending machines can be installed in Australian workplaces completely free of charge. Find out how you can benefit by contacting our team today.

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