Vending machines are the future

Cigarette Vending Machines

Vending machines are everywhere. From malls to gyms, to airports and offices. Vending machines are here to stay. What’s more is that Vending Machines are now being integrated with artificial intelligence for various benefits.

Cigarette Vending Machines

Cigarette Vending Machines are no exception. We are now able to leverage artificial intelligence to prevent cigarette sales to juveniles thanks to the mind- blowing technology introduced by DeepBlue. Smart Vending Machines offers AI Cigarette Vending Machines across cities in Australia such as Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, and Melbourne.

Artificial Intelligence Driven Cigarette Vending Machines

These smart Cigarette Vending Machines utilize state-of-the-art Palm Vein Recognition and Facial Recognition technologies for foolproof identification of individuals. While Palm Vein Recognition determines identities through vein patterns, which are unique in each individual, Facial Recognition works by identifying our facial features and contours.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Help?

Juvenile consumption of cigarettes is a major issue across the world and a lot of preventive measures have been implemented to stop it. These measures have met with varying degrees of success due to juveniles working their way around regulations and using fake identifications to procure cigarettes. With Artificial Intelligence at our disposal, fake identities isn’t going to be an option at their disposal anymore.

Business Advantages

Since Cigarette Vending Machines are fully automated, you don’t have to bother with updating the inventory or replenishing the data anymore. Moreover, you don’t have to invest in additional manpower or maintaining a huge store to generate sales.

Automatic Data Analysis

DeeplBlue Vending systems provide automatic consumption data analysis for various parameters such as productivity, energy efficiency, profitability and more. This means that you don’t have to hire qualified specialists and you can also eliminate the scope

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