Combination Vending Machine

As the name suggests itself, combination vending machines are those which house both drinks and snacks, at the same time. Now, no meal/snack is complete without something to wash it down with be it juice or cola.

Combination vending machines come in a vast variety of sizes and are suitable for all kind of businesses and customers. They are like mini-stores at your disposal so you can enjoy an assortment of drinks, snacks, and meal options at the same time.

98% of our business customers require a combination vending machine as they are not only compact but offer the customers to use 2 in 1 kind vending machine. There are great for the workplace as all businesses cannot place two vending machines due to the limitation of space.

Ausbox Credit Card Combination Vending Machine

Yes, you read that right. Here, at Ausbox, you won’t only get a combination vending machine; you would get it with the payment option of a credit card.

Our vending machines offer you the ease of use. You can customize them according to your workplace or customer’s needs. You can select from an expansive range of drinks and snacks or any other products that you wish to have in your vending machine. Our credit card combination vending machines come with the option of accepting cash, visa card, MasterCard, Apple Pay, and Android pay. We can assure you that your combination vending machine is going to be tailored according to your needs and tastes along with what is most suitable for your staff and visitor needs.

What’s more? Our machines come with remote monitoring that keeps you updated regarding the product levels in the machine.

How to get one?

You have to follow a simple process. Fill out a free inquiry form. Our team at Ausbox shall contact you to know your exact requirements and then arrange for an appointment according to your convenience. Our staff shall also visit at your place to see the placing of the vending machine or designate a spot for it, particularly if you need more than one vending machine for your business or workplace.

Our services are for free and we take pride in providing them for free. We will supply it for free and you can also enjoy free vending services.

If you want to upgrade your current vending machine for a new updated one and that, too, a credit card combination vending machine, contact now. We shall cater to all of your needs that you may have regarding vending machines be it a faulty one, an outdated vending machine, or your first attempt of getting a vending machine for your needs. We can assure you that you will get an excellent quality vending machine, on-point customer service, and timely delivery. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, and we ensure that we serve our customers to the best of our capabilities.

Vending MachineFor Your Workplace!Our service is completelyFREE OF CHARGENo cost..No contracts..No fuss!You simply pay for what you consume...It couldn't be easier!


An Ausbox consultant will contact you within 24 hours* to discuss a vending machine solution for your workplace. *Monday-Friday 9am-6pm

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