Reverse Vending Machines Melbourne

Ausbox offers you solutions to all your vending machine problems. Not only do we specialize in catering to our customer demand with dependable and reliable services, we also make sure that our vending machines are of top notch quality and worth. In addition to providing your workplace with vending machines of all kinds, ranging from drink vending machines all the way to healthy snacks vending machines, we now even offer you Reverse Vending Machines servicing you all areas in regional Australia. Ausbox literally has every vending solution for your workplace.

Ausbox provides you with highly reliable, qualitative and experienced vending service solutions anywhere in Australia straight at your doorstep. We offer you the best vending machines for sale at affordable and friendly prices, tried and tested thoroughly in our round-ups in order to save you the time and effort. This is why there is a minimal amount of fuss with us. With Ausbox, it doesn’t get any easier than this.


The item in place is then automatically rotated and scanned by an Omnidirectional UPC Scanner. The process is furthered when the item (bottle or can) is matched against a database and identified to be a valid container. It is mechanically crushed in order to reduce it in size and make it easy to be stored in large storage capacity. In exchange of this, a customer will receive a cash payment that he will collect from the other aperture. At the end of the day, re-fillable containers are collected by hand which will be brought to a bottling company for purposes of further reuse.

If we take the necessary steps today, we will successfully ensure that our future generations enjoy the right to prosper in the same World that we have chosen to protect and save for them. Use the facilities of automated Reverse Vending Machines straight away and help secure a safe place for your children right now.

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