New Year Resolution for Companies: Switch to Healthy Vending Machines!

What is the most common New Year resolution in the world? To lose weight which is one way of saying that one must be healthier, fitter and must look better. What is the most common New Year resolution for companies? It is perhaps to make more money, to consolidate the profits or to start making profits. It is absolutely normal for companies to focus on their revenues, profits or financial goals. A business is an entity that needs to make money. That is the primary purpose of being in business or running a company. But, there are many ways to try and contribute towards that end goal.

Businesses often cut corners to save money, which can lead to more profits. Companies can try and initiate numerous programs that would perhaps increase the revenue. From training and development programs for employees to incentives, new marketing strategies to laying off people, everything is a part of the larger scheme of making money. Of all the ways, one very doable or accomplishable agenda is to switch from a normal vending machine to healthy vending machines.

It is no secret that a typical vending machine dispenses soda, candy and all kinds of snacks that belong to the group called comfort foods. It is no secret that a vending machine is one of the primary facilitators of obesity. A typical vending machine and everything it offers will lead to an unproductive or less productive workplace, although companies may feel that having some snacks and beverages to offer will motivate the staff. Unfortunately, heavy concoctions of caffeine, sugar rich chocolates, the various drinks that have more preservatives than the actual fruit extract and other stuffs would only leave you with obese, unhealthy, unfit and lethargic employees.

Given the renewed focused on health and fitness, companies are increasingly switching to healthy vending machines in Australia. Businesses of all sizes that have at least one vending machine at their premises are choosing yoghurt over ice cream, coconut milk and other healthy dairy products instead of the variants of lattes and fatty cheeses. It is time to shun the candies and snacks rich in carbohydrates. Instead, companies should look for healthy vending machines that offer fiber, fresh fruits and decaffeinated beverages.

A small change in the form of a vending machine can pave the way for healthier, fitter and more active employees and that would always have a positive bearing on productivity.

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