Installing PPE Vending Machines and Face Mask Vending Machines Around The World

PPE Vending Machine

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there has been an increased need to provide personal protective equipment and personal hygiene products, such as face masks, hand sanitizers, disposable gloves, and anti-bacterial tissue, for residents of various cities across the world. PPE vending machines are now being installed in different cities and countries, including New York City, Beijing, Kyiv, Izmir, Taipei City, Berlin, Las Vegas, and so forth. However, the big question is, will Australia also follow this trend?

Ausbox Vending Machines Australia provides PPE vending machines, face mask vending machines, and custom vending solutions to businesses and brands in Australia. Here, we will be taking a look at some cities that now have PPE vending machines and face mask vending machines installed.

New York City, United States

Late April, an uncommon vending machine was installed on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, near the Williamsburg Bridge, New York City. People passing by stopped to take photos and have a closer look at the vending machine. This vending machine is the first PPE vending machine in New York City, and it was born out of pragmatic reality and coronavirus crisis.

The machine was dispensing KN95-type masks at a rate of $4 each. Instead of paying between $7 and $10 for an inferior quality mask, the face mask vending machine now provides residents of the area with affordable options and reliable access to face masks. The company still has plans to install about 20 additional PPE vending machines in different parts of the city.

Xuzhou, China

For many years, face mask vending machines have become common in Beijing, even though these vending machines were more geared toward combating air pollution issues. However, a face mask vending machine was launched in China’s eastern city of Xuzhou on March 2nd. Residents of Xuzhou are able to purchase up to two N95 masks daily using their ID cards.

Vienna, Austria

On April 2nd, the 52 vending machines across Vienna’s subway stations were stocked with disposable 3M face masks. Thus, making face masks readily available and easily accessible to commuters as well as the general public.

Taipei City, Taiwan

On April 10th, the first PPE vending machine was launched in Taipei City, involving the local city government, healthy ministry, and the central health insurance agency. However, to prevent hoarding or abuse, the vending machines limit the number of products that can be dispensed daily through each person’s health card.

Berlin, Germany

Also, a face mask vending machine was launched in Berlin on April 27th. On the same day, it became compulsory for everyone in the city to wear face coverings when in public. The vending machine can be found inside the Turmstrasse metro station in the Moabit district.


Other cities where face mask vending machines have been launched include Kyiv, Ukraine; Izmir, Turkey; and Brno, Czech Republic. Very soon, these PPE vending machines and face mask vending machines will be installed in various public places across different cities throughout Australia.

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