Healthy Vending Machines For Hospitals and Medical Centres

Ausbox vending provides healthy vending machines for hospitals and medical centres. With rising emphasis being laid on healthy snacks and drinks, we want to cover every workplace, school, medical centres and hospitals.
It’s common even for hospitals to ignore the value of healthy snacking. Time and again, you get to see unhealthy snacks being placed in the hospitals’ vending machines. Ausbox aims to provides healthier snacks around every medical centre in Australia.
With our widest range of products, hospitals can make a mix that perfectly suits the taste of their customers. We are continuously adding new products so you don’t have to go anywhere else to buy the new healthy products.

Healthy snacks

Healthy snacks options are increasing day by day. Not just the natural food companies, but also the traditional ones like Frito-Lay are resorting to healthy snacks because of their rising demand. Gerky, Fruits, Nuts, and Seeds have always been providing us healthier snacking choices, but now other categories have also entered in the market like crackers, cookies, granola and nutritional bars. Now, we also have healthy snack choices in candy bars, gum, chips and pretzels.

Healthy Drinks

Non-carbonated juices are the only healthy drinks that come next to water. In addition to fruit juices like orange, mango, coconut, pineapple, we also get to see a lot of other exotic juices like guanoabana, goji berry and quince appearing on the healthy drinks list. These flavours are available in real fruit juices or flavored water. Apart from the juices, no-dairy coffee and tea categories have also be emerging in the healthy drinks class.

Healthy entrees and side dishes

Ausbox Is virtually the only vending machine in Australia that is providing you healthy entrée and side dishes. Choose from noodle dishes, rice, vegetable, soups and a lot more.

Why choose us?

AusBox vending operators get their products from one of the best nutritional distribution centres in Australia, so that you always get the lowest price for the healthy snacks and drinks that you consume. We don’t markup our products so whatever you will buy form us will be just as it’s bought directly from the vendor. We get our products from the same sources where your health food stores get their products. With AusBox, you have tons of reasons to do business with us.

  • Free vending machines for your hospitals and medical centres
  • Zero cost—no installation or upright payments
  • Free refill, maintenance and service
  • Widest range of healthy snacks, drink and entrees.

Be a customer

Ordering a vending machine for your hospital or medical centre is very easy. Give us call, provide details about the medical centre or hospital you want the vending machine(s) for, and we will get to you on the same day. There aren’t any intricacies involved. You order a healthy vending machine and we will deliver it to you! You can request a free vending machine from our website and our local operator will guide you through the rest.

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