FroBot- Frozen Organic Yoghurt

frobot machine

Two entrepreneurs from South Virginia have created the FroBot vending machine. FroBot is the smallest single unit frozen yoghurt retailer which is easy to use. The developers are meticulous about the quality of yoghurt they serve – freezing real organic yoghurt flavoured with organic ingredients.

How Does It Work?

FroBot is user friendly and like an ATM machine, guides customers through each step:

  1. Place a cup onto the serving area.
  2. Select the size and flavour of your choice.
  3. Swipe your card and treat yourself with frozen yoghurt within 15 seconds.

Who Is Behind the Idea?

The developers both went to college in a small town in Pennsylvania. As there were limited snack options, both discussed future business prospects. FroBot came into existence from a collection of ‘Wouldn’t it be cool’ moments. Excited about the success of FroBot, they attribute the success to innovative craftsmanship and the ability to build new things.

FroBot’s success is a huge milestone and will inspire others to take on a vending machine business as well.

By John Apostolides

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