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Snack Boxes Delivering Snack Boxes to the workplace

Ausbox has been delivering Snack Boxes to the workplace since 2005.

The concept originally began by servicing clients between 2 to 50 employees.

Having perfected the business method to this niche market place it found that with careful training contactors could replicate the system.The Ausbox’s Vending Machines contractor delivers self service snack boxes containing 30+ range of branded items on a repeat basis. Staff in the workplace choose their selection and place the money in the cashbox. The contractor collects the takings and restocks each Snack Box each visit. With strong branding, emphasis is placed on giving a professional, reliable and friendly service. Our contractors take care of everything for the customer. There are no hidden ongoing costs, the customer simply pays for what they consume. It couldn’t be easier.Our training and launch program provides contractors with a ready to operate business in their local area. A genuine client base of no fewer than 100 small business or offices sourced by our sales team guarantees a cash income from week one. Ausbox is totally committed to providing excellent contractor support, guiding each contactor through all stages of the businesses development, providing Snack Box facilities to the workplace in a professional reliable and friendly way along with strong branded products has been the key to Ausbox’s success story. Calling to offer a delivery service with a brand that can be easily recognised certainly gives Ausbox the edge over any would be competitor.

Ausbox is totally committed to providing a professional snack box delivery service & excellent contractor support.

Do you have:

  • A strong desire to own and run your own business
  • A current driver’s license
  • A desire to meet people
  • The commitment to provide professional service
  • A cheerful disposition
  • An organising ability
  • The ability to finance the capital required
  • A garage/designated packing area.
Be your own boss
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