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Coronavirus: Essential Services Vending Machines Remain Open & Safe

As strict instructions are introduced across several Australian cities to combat the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, vending machines remain open and safe. These essential services vending machines now provide a safe and easy channel for individuals and families to purchase food items and beverages.\

In light of these, Ausbox Vending Machines will like to inform consumers and customers that using vending machines for food and drinks are completely safe. There are no risks, and no one should panic. Our vending machines will continue to service essential business and government during the coronavirus pandemic. The vending machines will continue to dispense food, snacks, drinks, and coffee, round the clock to residents.

How to Remain Safe While Using the Essential Services Vending Machines

At Ausbox Vending Machines, the safety of residents and users of vending machines is important to us. We are always working to create a safe and risk-free way to use these vending machines for snacks and drinks. Below are some tips to help consumers to remain safe while operating the vending machines:

  • Please wash your hands or apply alcohol hand sanitizer before you touch any button on the vending machine.
  • Do not sneeze or cough on a vending machine. Doing this will only expose subsequent users.
  • Keep a distance of up to 1.5 meters between yourself and the next user.
  • Choosing a reusable cup is not advisable for now. Always opt for a single-use cup.
  • Use other personal hygiene products, including disposable gloves, p2 face masks, and anti-bacterial tissues, anytime you are outdoors.
  • Continue following expert advice and guidance to remain safe during this coronavirus period.

We understand that the spread of the coronavirus pandemic is causing panic among customers and consumers. However, we will use this opportunity to inform you that our essential services vending machines offer a reliable and safe way to get your food, snacks, drinks, and beverages.

Managers, operators, and those responsible for refilling the vending machines have placed numerous food safety and hygiene measures in place. From time to time, the vending machines will be disinfected. Hence, we assure you that there are no increased risks of making use of our vending machines.

About Our Essential Services Vending Machines

Our vending machines will remain open and safe all round the clock. This will make it easier for everyone to have access to food, drinks, and personal hygiene products during this period. You can visit the vending machines to get your food, snacks, drinks, and coffee.

Also, we have vending machines to dispense personal hygiene products like alcohol hand sanitizers, face masks n95, disposable gloves, and pocket tissues. Consumers can activate the vending machine using your mobile device, email link, credit card, staff RFID card, or QR code.

The vending machine can be placed at offices and other public places, including parks, hospitals, airports, railway stations, educational institutions, police stations, supermarkets, factories, and so forth. However, we encourage at least 1.5 meters of social distancing between consumers that are waiting in line to use the essential services vending machine.

About Ausbox Vending Machines

We are an Australian vending business servicing businesses and offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Darwin, Perth, and other cities across Australia. We can provide your business with custom smart essential services vending machines to meet your unique needs. Above all, our vending machines are high quality, reliable, and safe. They will serve you for an extended period. Give us a call today to make your order.

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