Banana Vending Machine launched by Banana Grower

banana vending machine

Vending machines are common for Australians, but a vending machine dispensing bananas is not something one would ordinarily witness. Bananas are the perfect snack as they are delicious and healthy, however getting fresh bananas in not easy.

A banana grower in Queensland has come up with a perfect solution to this problem and has launched a vending machine specially designed to keep bananas fresh. This machine has been installed at a food court in Brisbane.

The Banana Bar is the brainchild of MacKays Bananas, a family owned banana growing business who developed this machine to supply fresh bananas to selected retailers. Bananas are packed in a special film on the company’s farms in Tully, North Queensland, and then stored in the banana bar at a temperature of 12 degree Celsius which ensures the bananas last longer and sweeter.

The company also explained the reason behind installing this vending machine at the Food Court, Post Square in Brisbane. They said that the location was selected because of the large number of people commuting everyday. They said future locations of these vending machine will be determined by the response they get. Possible locations of these machines are schools, hospitals and universities.

Coins, notes and credit cards are accepted for payment. You can buy a pack of 3 bananas for $2 or 5 bananas for $3.

By John Apostolides

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