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Vending Machine Upgrade – Do I need one?

If you are not particularly happy with your vending machine service, the operators are unresponsive, there is no variety, the vending machine is often out of stock, and customers often experience issues with payment, chances are that you need to get a new vending machine. Not only that, your vending operator could be under-capitalized and does not have the proper resources to provide excellent services.

Here are a few questions that you need to ask yourself to know if you need a vending machine upgrade. We have broken down these questions in different categories. If most of your answers to the questions are a yes; you need a vending machine upgrade for sure.

Vending Machine

Let’s start with some of the vending machine issues at first:

  • Is your vending machine out-of-stock frequently?
  • Is it made of glass-front and is difficult to see through?
  • Do you face money acceptance issues often?
  • Does your vending machine accept $5, $10, and $20 notes?


Let’s start with technology now:

  • Does your current service use wireless or handheld devices to track sales?
  • Does it accept credit card payments?
  • Does your current vending machine use energy-efficient LED lighting?

Service Level

What about the service level? Is it satisfactory?

  • What is the response time of your current vending supplier if you put forward a request?
  • In case your money gets stuck in the vending machine, do you get a refund right away?


How is the product variety of your current supplier?

  • Do you often find out-of-date or expired products in the stock?
  • Does your current vending supplier rotate new products frequently?
  • Does your current vending machine have snack items from leading brands?


  • Has your current vending supplier given you a proof of insurance?

So, if most of your answers are yes, then you are all set for a vending machine upgrade.

Here are the two main benefits your business is going to enjoy getting a vending machine upgrade.


The first thing that a vending machine upgrade entails as to modern aspect is the credit card reader. This allows the user to make payments via cash easily without the hassle of carrying around coins. Customers can make a cashless transaction easily. Many businesses are opting for this as it also leads to a boost in customer’s purchase power.


The second benefit of a vending machine upgrade is how you can add a diverse product range to your vending machine. You can even add healthier and microwaveable food items along with snack items. This way, the customers have more to choose from. The best way to go about optimization is by getting a combination vending machine.

How to get an upgrade?

The process of getting a vending machine upgrade from Ausbox is easy· Contact us and tell us what you need and what your exact requirement is so we can find a solution tailored around your needs. We will install a free vending machine at your premises. You will get all the related vending machines services as well.

At Ausbox, we provide free vending machines to business along with free upgrades. If you need an upgrade or a new vending machine, without any supply charges, contact us NOW.

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