Why Installing a PPE Vending Machine Has Become Need of the Hour?

Why need PPE Vending Machine

With over 1 million infected and 70,000 deaths globally, the outbreak of COVID-19 has posed an unprecedented challenge to the world. Extremely contagious, this disease has spread like a wildfire affecting almost every country on the planet. While every industrial sector has been bearing the brunt of this deadly outbreak in one or the other ways, the one that has come in the direct line of fire is medical organizations and its staff.

Since the frontline workers like doctors, nurses and other paramedical staff get maximum exposure to the disease, it has become essential to ensure their safety and protection by providing them easy, quick and hassle-free access to personal protective gears.

Moreover, the importance of maintaining personal hygiene has increased ever since the outbreak of COVID-19. According to the guidelines issued by WHO (World Health Organisation) individuals should adopt hygiene practices like frequently washing hands with soap & water or cleaning it with alcohol-based hand sanitizer to protect themselves from this virus. In addition to this, WHO also recommends using face masks to ensure there’s no transmission of disease via respiratory droplets.

However, as it usually happens at the time of crisis we see a lot of panic buying and goods hoarding. The stores are stripped of essential products like sanitizers, hand gloves, anti-bacterial wipes and masks. This has made it difficult (almost impossible) to procure the essential items for the ones who need it the most.

PPE Vending Machine – Getting Protective Products Made Easy

Placing PPE vending machines has become the need of the hour to ensure the supply of PPE products like mask, gloves, hand sanitizer or antibacterial wipes becomes smoother and quicker for various frontline workers like medical personnel, healthcare workers, aged carers, law enforcement personnel and government employees.

A PPE vending machine offers point-of-use asset management for PPE supplies. The employees have to enter a unique PIN number or tap their ID cards to get the items they require. Moreover, these machines are automated and highly advanced, hence they can keep the record of who took which item and when, just like a dedicated storeman does.

In the present situation when the medical centers, hospitals and various government departments are experiencing a shortage of PPE and other medical supplies due to mass hoarding, installing a vending machine has gone from being a luxury to a necessity.

Here are some of the pointers to explain why placing PPE vending machines is an important link to fight the disastrous COVID 19 outbreak:

Effective Inventory Management

This pandemic has skyrocketed the demand for hygiene products. As mentioned earlier in the blog, empty supermarket shelves are a regular sight nowadays. Moreover, with lockdown imposed in most parts of the country the gap between demand and supply has widened. In this situation, it is important to regulate the inventory to ensure people who need these products get it without any hassles. Since, these machines are equipped with advanced inventory control software, it gives out notifications in case of low stocks. This ensures the vendors to promptly replace the replenished stock.

Reduced Wastage

In these dire times, it’s crucial to ensure prevent wastage so that the supply chain remains uninterrupted. Equipped with RFID and other technologies, PPE vending machines play a vital role in preventing waste. Since, it restricts the supply as per the demand, vending machines can prevent the oversupplying during the crisis. Moreover, the software can track the usage of the products by department and employee. In addition to this, the machines can be equipped with certain access controls to restrict certain products to a specific number of employees. For example, the special N95 masks can be made available to those personnel who are working in the isolation wards and in close proximity to the COVID patients.

Better Security and Safety

Having a PPE machine is important to increase safety compliance as recommended by the health department. These machines play a crucial part in ensuring better protection against COVID-19 for frontline workers in hospitals, government agencies, law enforcement personnel. These machines have a small but significant role in restricting the spread of the disease by helping them procure products for personal hygiene within a more secured environment. Additionally, these machines enable cashless payment making contactless use a reality, thus reducing the chances of getting infected.

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