Why Healthy Vending Machines are Prerequisite for Every Australian School?

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Obesity has become a world-wide phenomena; and Australia is not left untouched by this “epidemic” According to a report by WHO, Australia has the third highest prevalence of overweight adults among all the English speaking countries.
What is more alarming is the widespread presence of obesity among young children. One in four, which constitute roughly 25% of children and adolescents are overweight or obese.
One of the main reasons behind the rise in obesity among children and adolescents is unhealthy eating patterns and lack of physical exercise; and vending machines loaded with unwholesome snacks like chips, chocolates and sodas only add fuel to the fire. Thus, it becomes extremely important to get healthy vending solutions for schools to encourage wholesome eating habits among kids.

Why Should Your Get Healthy Vending Solutions for Schools

Growing kids always crave food; however, most of the time they tend to pick up greasy chips, sugary candies and sodas from the vending machines. These kinds of snacks have been one of the factors that trigger obesity among young kids.
Installing a healthy vending machine loaded with fresh and nutritious alternatives like fruits, veggies, protein bars and juices is an excellent way to promote wholesome eating habits in schools across Australia. These machines are a great way to supply the required nutrients to the kids during their recess or mealtimes. Here are some of the benefits a school gets when they opt for healthy vending solution:

  1. Kids Get Easy Access to Wholesome, Nutritious and Fresh Food Alternatives
    Unlike, the conventional vending machines which dispenses calorie-laden chips, candies and sodas; the new-age machine offers a plethora of nutrient-rich alternatives like fruits, veggies, coconut water, juices and more. Such a variety of wholesome options give access to a better eating habit, apparently aiding the young students to develop a liking for a healthy lifestyle. In short, it can bring a slow but steady positive change.
  2. Convenience at Fingertips
    Today’s vending machines have become far more technologically advanced and sophisticated, which means the students don’t need to queue up and wait for their turn. With just a push of a button, the students could get their favorite snack or drink in minutes. Moreover, the modern-day vending machines come with a touchscreen interface that enables the students and teachers to know the nutrition facts. So, the end-users (students and teachers) know exactly what they are consuming! Additionally, the new-age machines allow the students to notify the operator if there are issues like items getting stuck or getting refunds.
  3. Makes Students More Focused and Health-Conscious
    Good food essentially fuels the mind and body. When students get access to a range of nutritious food, it keeps their mind and body charged up throughout a long day of school activities, tests and lectures.
    (Healthy) snacking between meals is a great way to make the students learn the difference between boost of energy they get after consuming nutritious snack and the sugar rush a candy or soda gives!
    If you want a technologically advanced healthy vending machine for your school, talk to experts at Ausbox Group.
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