Why Are Businesses Replacing Staff Canteens and Cafeterias with Healthy Vending Machines?

Staff Cantin with Vending Machines

In a country like Australia, there is great importance of healthy eating. As per Heart Foundation, more than 60% of West Australian adults are overweight or obese. Furthermore, an average adult spends most of his day in workplaces and offices. If you do the math, it goes on to prove that vending machines having products with saturated fats and abundant salts and sugars are the main reason for increasing health issues such as diabetes, heart diseases and some cancers.
Apart from this, studies go on to prove that 80% of millennials prefer healthy food as a measure to prevent illnesses. Since they are the workforce of the future, healthy eating options are a must for them.
One may say that staff canteens and cafeterias that provide fresh and healthy products are an apt replacement for unhealthy vending machines. However, it is just as vital to note that these require huge investments in terms of space, furniture, staff and more. Furthermore, we often forget that the people who make the food are humans.
Consequently, when these cooks fall sick, the bacteria and harmful microbes from their bodies are transferred into the food, leading to more spread of diseases. While hygiene in the form of gloves and headbands can be recommended, it is difficult to ensure that these are thoroughly followed.
For these very reasons and more, a healthy vending machine is highly preferred by businesses. These provide more healthy options, are easy to operate and lead to employee satisfaction for the least investment. Some benefits of healthy vending machines are mentioned below.
1). Increased Employee Satisfaction and Productivity : As per a study, 46% of workers feel less productive without their morning coffee. Additionally, various other surveys have proved that food is directly related to employee satisfaction. As per research, healthy workers are 29% more productive and take 21% less sick days. Since healthy vending machines promote robust eating habits by providing a range of nutritious products, these help in increasing employee productivity and satisfaction. These also help in creating a workplace environment that promotes more employee engagement and converts this commercial space into a happy place.
2). More Healthy Food Options: A healthy vending machine provides snack options that are rich in nutrients and low in fats and sugars. These provide a plethora of variety ranging from nuts, granola and yoga bars, baked fruit chips, protein shakes, sugar-free drinks, non-processed juices, cereals and certain wholesome instant hot entrees. These not only help the employees remain fit but also delights them. They can choose what they wish to eat as per their preferences, unlike cafeterias and canteens that provide a limited number of fixed options. Besides, a number of options can be added to the vending machines every now and then which acts as a favourable change.
3).Reduced Overheads: As discussed earlier, healthy vending machines do not require human resources. These work on grab and go method and rely on cashless payments. Moreover, these require less space and no furniture. All this can considerably reduce business expenses and overheads while providing a better return on investment owing to the enhanced work rate and greater satisfaction.
4).Time Saving: Healthy vending machines that work on self-service models with efficient and manless checkout processes can help reduce or eliminate queues that form in cafeterias and canteens. This thus helps save time and minimize lengthy and unneeded breaks. Such mechanisms help save precious company time while escalating overall yield.
5).Augmented Convenience: Installing a healthy vending machine is easy. An assigned personnel can be called to set up one in your workplace. On top of this, another personnel can help you with constant maintenance and upkeep of these machines. A healthy vending machine having AI technology can also send alerts in case of low inventory levels and can be restocked effortlessly. In addition to all this, employee data can be saved in these and CCTV cameras can be added for heightened security. This makes these vending machines extremely convenient.
All these pointers go on to justify why businesses are shifting towards healthy vending machines for their consumption needs when compared to cafeterias and canteens. These are thus the futuristic solutions in workplace break rooms.
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