Vending Machine – School, University & College

Vending Machine - School, University & College

At Ausbox Vending Machine, we are dedicated to providing excellent, top class custom smart vending machine solutions. Our school vending machine systems are suitable for educational institutions and campuses throughout Australia, including primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities, and so forth. The vending machine can make frozen meals, healthy snacks, beverages, and drinks available to students and faculty members while on campus.

Furthermore, our university vending machine systems make use of swipe cards and other innovative payment technology. From remote card credits top-ups to restricted product vending, fresh food vending, and other custom-made vending solutions, Ausbox Vending Machine has what it takes to meet the diverse vending needs of educational schools and campuses across the country.

Quality and Reliable Fresh Food Vending Machine from Ausbox Vending Machines

At Ausbox Vending Machines Australia, we believe that students and faculty members shouldn’t be hungry or thirsty while on campus. The school vending machine was designed to ensure that fresh food and drinks are available to students and staff members in schools, universities, and colleges. The college vending machine will provide for everyone on campus looking to have a quick lunch but are too busy to visit the nearby food vendor.

Furthermore, the university vending machine system can make fresh meals, including wraps, sandwiches, salads, frozen meals, and much more, available to students and staff members within a short period. All they need to do is visit the vending machine and get the item they want, fresh and readily available. Here are some examples of food items that can be stored in the college vending machine:

Sandwiches & Wraps

  • Ham & Cheese Toastie
  • Ham, Cheese, & Pickle
  • Chicken & Bacon Toastie
  • Bacon & Egg Toastie
  • Egg & Lettuce
  • Sweet Chilli Chicken


  • Coconut Protein Balls
  • Berry Ripe Protein Bars
  • Protein Brownies
  • Fresh Side Salad

In addition, our university vending machine systems are very affordable, reliable, and energy-efficient. The school vending machine system comes with LED lighting and innovative chilling and temperature control technology. With this, the machine is able to keep meals and snacks as fresh as possible for extended periods.

What’s more, the university vending machine system is able to track temperature remotely through the innovative back-2-back monitoring technology. The vending machine can also monitor the expiry dates of products and food items. Our college vending machine solutions can save students and staff members of education institutions precious minutes and get them energized and back to learning or teaching in a little time.

Need Quality Vending Machine for School, University & College? Contact Us Today!

Contact us today at Ausbox Vending Machines to get a quote for your college vending machine systems. Our school vending machine solutions are suitable for salad, fresh food, frozen meals, sandwich, wrap, drinks, snacks, beverages, and so forth.

Our dedicated representatives will be available to speak with you and determine the ideal option for your school. We serve education institutions throughout Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Perth, and Adelaide, Australia. A wonderful experience awaits you!

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