Twitter Activated Smart Vending Machine


With the rise of smart vending machines nowadays, more and more new technologies for them are developed. One of these amazing technologies is the Twitter Activated Smart Vending Machines. As the name suggests, this is a smart vending machine that interacts to users through their Twitter account.

These Twitter-activated vending machines are smart machines that are able to offer you with all kinds of snacks and beverages as well as alcohol to all kinds of things that can be sold through vending machines. With the advent of all kinds of technology from mobile phones to the social media, even vending machines have taken quite a leaf.

Now, vending machines are no longer just a machine. It is now a conduit that is able to interact directly to the customers as well as obtain information about the customers. They come with a wide range of amazing functionalities from facial recognition, audio and motion recognition to social media interaction. One example of these amazing smart vending machines that are able to interact through social media is the Twitter Activated Smart Vending Machine.

Twitter Activated Smart Vending Machine comes with different functionalities. There are those that offer to give free sample when customers post and share a tweet. Once they have already post and shared a tweet, the smart vending machine then gives a free sample to the user of the machine. This is a great way of having more customers to use smart vending machines since a lot of people are into social networking.

Aside from twitter-activated machines, there are also a lot of other smart vending machines that interact with social media and which come in many other features. With these intelligent vending machines, people are now more aware of how useful vending machines are.

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