Trust, but Verify: Modus Operandi of Facebook’s Vending Machines

Facebook knows how to roll out pleasant surprises- not only for their worldwide users, but their employees as well. The vending machines at Facebook HQ’s IT department vouch for that. Facebook has deployed new vending machines that supply electronics peripherals such as cables, mouses, keyboards etc. This is sure to leave facebook’s employees ecstatic as they do not have to wait for their requests for new (keyboards, mouses, headphones) IT items to be addressed by management.

How does it work:

These electronics and computer peripherals are at the disposal of facebook employees, stocked within vending machines for which they swipe their Id cards. Although, employees do not have to pay for the item(s) that are dispensed , they will receive a copy of the bill so that they can keep track of the items they purchased. Evidently, the social media giant believes in their employees, but they still believe in the concept of- ‘Trust and Verify’ which is evident in the modus operandi of their vending machines. The supplies are not controlled by a person and in lieu of acting like guardians of these vending machines, it is rather left to the discretion of the employees.

By John Apostolides

facebook vending machines
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