Top 3 Benefits of Integrating Cashless Technology in Vending Machines

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With (disruptive) innovations making its way into the mainstream, various industrial verticals are passing through an evolutionary phase; and the vending industry is not left behind! It is rapidly pacing up with the advance technologies. One such breakthrough solution that could be the next step in growing the vending business is cashless/contactless payments.

The world is increasingly becoming cashless; people from across the world are getting more and more accustomed to using plastic cards, flexible tags or mobile apps. Several countries like Australia, Canada, Sweden, China and more are quickly embracing the cashless methods even for certain micro transactions which traditionally used cash.

Cashless Vending Machines are the Future!

Catering to every wallet, cashless payment methods are seen as the future of the vending industry. With a shift in the consumer preferences, technological advancements and cutting edge innovations in payment methods, the use of cash is set to decline!

Integrating cashless methods to your vending machine will keep you ahead of the curve by beating the “no change” effect and enhancing overall customer experience.

In addition to providing convenience and ease; there are other benefits of going for cashless vending solutions like:

1. Enhancing the Overall Customer Experience

With a growing number of customers turning their backs on the traditional methods of paying, in favour of plastic cards or mobile apps, offering them a quick and convenient way to do the transactions can result in augmented customer experience and eventually increased sales! Moreover, the cashless machines play an instrumental role in making the transactions quicker eventually reducing the queues and making it easier for the customers to grab their favourite snack or beverage.

2. Secure Mode of Payment

The old-school coin mechanism was prone to occasional thefts. In the past, several incidents were noted where thieves broke into the machines taking away all the cash and causing it extensive damage. In many cases, the repairs cost more than the cash stolen, leaving the vendors high and dry! As compared to the conventional methods, the cashless vending is more secure. One of the reasons why cashless transactions are secure is that vending machines don’t store a credit card number. Usually, the thieves target the systems from where they can steal a great deal of personal information at once, however vending machines don’t offer a mine of data and hence they are relatively safer.

3. Increased Sales = Increased Revenues

The cashless machine eliminates the need to dig into our pockets to find the spare and so a customer can quickly grab their favourite product without wasting their valuable time queueing up! For people in rush, such a facility is a great blessing; as they can get whatever they want without waiting in long queues. Hence, they become more inclined to make purchases from a cashless vending machine; eventually increasing your profit margins.

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