The Role of Micro Market in Workplaces of the Future!

Micro Market in Workplaces

Increasing global competition, rapid digitisation and flexible time models are essentially changing the future workplaces.

Many companies are increasingly taking proactive steps and developing modern office concepts to create a better and productive work environment. In this effort to create a conducive work environment, micro markets in Australia are playing an extremely decisive role.

What is a Micro market?

A micro market is a miniature and automated convenience store that sits in a workplace. Cheaper than a regular cafeteria and healthier than the vending machine, the revolutionary micro market allows the employees to purchase their favourite food and drink.

Micro markets have a series of enticing open shelves and refrigerated units that stocked with a wide variety of fun, nutritious and exciting food/beverage options. In short, a micro market is an automated, in-house and self-serving supermarket that provide your employees with the convenience to have quick grub at odd hours without leaving the office premise.

Micro market – Easy Access to Refreshments at Odd Hours

The avant-garde micro markets are open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, making them ideal for people who work in (night) shifts.

Besides, this innovative concept allow the employees to satisfy the ‘3 pm cravings’ and grab a quick bite in between meetings without having to leave the premises. Moreover, micro markets can prove beneficial for organisations that have multiple shifts and wants to provide their employees easy access to the fresh, healthy and nutritious food at any time of the day!

In short, an array of products, hassle-free checkout and 24/7 store hours make it an ideal and invaluable addition to offices that encourage flexible work arrangements.

Go Cashless with Micro Markets.

Quick and hassle-free payment is one of the best features that make the micro market an ideal option for a flexible work environment. This new age open market enables the employees to browse, select their item and then proceed to self-checkout kiosk to scan their product and pay.

There is no need to look in for exact change or cash – the employees can pay using a credit card or smartphone. In addition to this, purchasing in a micro market is meant to be intuitive and quick; therefore you can encourage employees to set up their market accounts early enabling them to make purchases on the fly!

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