The Need of a Vending Machine at A Commercial Establishment

A commercial space can be anything ranging from a retail shop, an office or a service business such as a car wash, hospital  and more. Each commercial space consists of clients and employees having their expectations and requirements. One such common requirement in any business is that of a vending machine.

A study by technavio shows that the vending machine market will be accelerating at a CAGR of almost 17% from 2019 to 2023. Therefore, this goes on to prove that the future of vending machines remains bright and the demand is on an all time high.

A vending machine is an investment and the need of it in a commercial establishment is highly debatable. However, the pros top the cons. Listed below are several reasons why your business may benefit by getting vending machines installed.

1). Employee Satisfaction :

According to a 2016 report by Glassdoor, 57% employees value perks and benefits and consider these before selecting a job. A vending machine in your workplace acts as one such perk. Your employees are likely to feel more special and cared for when they know they can treat themselves to a snack in case they feel low on energy or forget their lunch. A vending machine is thus a gesture that shows gratitude to your employees. It helps your business retain them for longer periods and instils a degree of company loyalty, thus, motivating them to work harder.

2). Increased Productivity

As per research by daily info-graphic, around 46% employees need a cup of coffee to stay productive. Having a vending machine in the office enables them to get that cup of coffee or snacks while in the premises. Vending machines provide food at lower costs than restaurants. This minimizes the need or the intention of an employee to go outside in search of food and wait in long queues. As a result, it leads to saving more time and makes your office more productive.

3). Convenience: 

Having a vending machine adds to the enhanced convenience of employees and clients. Your employees can get some sustenance at cheap rates while at the workplace and clients can munch on snacks and refreshments in the middle of tiring meetings or shopping expeditions. Such easy availability leads to benefits for your business in terms of better reputation in the eyes of customers and loyalty amongst workers.

4).Keep Customers Around Longer: 

The longer a customer is within your business space, the more opportunity you have of making a sale. This gives you the time to pitch to your customers for a longer period and convince them to buy any product or service that they show interest in. Vending machines can help avoid situations where your potential consumers wishes to leave with a promise to come back later. They can easily have a snack while they are looking around for products or services. Moreover, they can also adhere to their kid’s demands for candies without having to make a visit to the general store. This prolongs their visit and gives you ample opportunity to convert their curiosity into an actual buy.

5). Generate Income:

A study by technavio says that the vending machine market size will grow by USD 12.46 billion during 2019-2023. This goes on to prove that it is a profitable business option. Consequently, vending machines, loaded with popular products can be a side source of income for your company. The sales that it generates through consumer or worker interaction can be used to fund employee activities such as dinners and corporate functions or after sales benefits such as free goodies on sale to further promote growth. Connecting with a vending machine company that takes care of maintenance and inventory at a percentage of profits from the total sales that the machine makes is extremely advantageous in such situations. This minimises the hassle while maximising gains.

6).Client Satisfaction:

One of the key advantages that vending machines provide is an improvement in customer shopping experience. Attractive machines having a range of retail products can be used to attract more clientele. Besides, healthy vending machines, snacks and coffee vending machines as well as micro markets act like additional benefits for consumers and keep them coming back to your store for all their future needs. These thereby add to consumer satisfaction and help increase overall sales.

7). Save Money: 

A cafeteria takes up space and leads to several overheads on cleaning, furniture, kitchen equipment, electricity, space and so on. A vending machine helps eliminate such costs and results in saving money for other growth based activities. Moreover, it also gives more flexible options when compared to the limited ones in a canteen.

These pointers showcase the importance of vending machines in any commercial establishment in order to ensure increased profitability.

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