The amazing world of Vending Machines!

The moment we hear of vending machine, the first thing that strikes our mind is a modern gadget that can dispense snacks, coffee, tea and other drink products. While this is what a conventional vending machine generally looks like, however; innovative minds around the globe have given rise to some astonishing machines.

Here have a look at some of the most distinct and amazing vending machines:

Bicycle vending machine: It works like a U-Haul that has one way trips to the other stand. This novel concept even stood out the winner of Spark Design & Architecture Awards held in 2007.

Beauty vending: Now women don’t have to worry about their messy hair anymore as this machine from a UK based company provides hair straighteners. Be it rain or wind; this vending machine allows you to stay ‘Fizz’ free.

Mobile Phone Vending Machine: Mobile phones are nowadays as indispensable as water. And this vending machine that provides quick access to the gadget is simply amazing.

Nail art vending machine: The ever growing fascination for beauty and cosmetic products has paved a path for this unique vending machine that provides stunning nail arts.

Auto vending machine: It is simply astounding to see how this giant vending machine provides a small yet comfortable smart car. A true wonder in all sense!

Pizza vending machines: Undoubtedly one of its kinds, you can get to taste three different pizza flavours that get dispensed within just 2 minutes by this pizza vending machine.

Vending By Mood: It’s quite interesting to know that there are vending machines which can analyse your level of stress and dispense ice cream based upon your mood. Well, this is surely a sweet treat for anyone with a sad mood.

Shoe vending: You might find it unbelievable but like other types of vending machines, shoe vending machines too exist in the real world. The finest example comes up with a similar machine set up on the Carnaby Street in London by shoes manufacturers Onitsuka Tiger.

Wine Vending Machine: Give your taste buds the vibrant flavour of wine with these unique vending machines dispensing some of the best wines.

Charity Vending machines: Widely popular in Japan, the charity vending machine allows the users to donate their change for the various social and environmental causes.

The world of amazing vending machines is not limited to these names only as a new invention is carried out every second in one or the other part of the world!

By John Apostolides

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