Pot Vending Machines in San Diego

“Marijuana is an addictive drug which produces in its users insanity, criminality, and death.” said Harry J. Anslinger, The First Commissioner of U.S Federal Bureau of Narcotics in the Treasury Department in 1930. Little did he know back then that San Diego will be in a similar discussion decades later. Yes, this month the city of San Diego will contemplate and discuss whether pot vending machines should be installed throughout the city. This is going to be a very important discussion which is on the priority list of the city leaders this month. Mayor Bob Filner doesn’t intend to overlook the legal aspects and hence wants the council to discuss pot vending machines from every perspective.

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News is rife that Med Box plan to set up 30 marijuana vending machines which will be installed across the city. Med Box CEO Dr. Bruce Bedrick seems quite convinced and said that Med Box might be the solution San Diego needs as it could help regulate marijuana sales. Bedrick said that over 150 machines nationwide and the ones in Canada, have remained crime free, ever since they were installed approximately 4 years ago.

How it Works:

Med Box will not be just another vending machine sitting on the street corner. Dispensing marijuana will not be as simple as getting a coke for a coin. Patients would need to produce their medical marijuana card to obtain a prepaid card to make their purchases. Fingerprint technology will also be used to prohibit unauthorised access. These 800 pound machines will be armour coated.

While the city council of San Diego discuss the ordinance that will enable permits to be issued for marijuana dispensaries on March, 25th , news on the streets is that MedBox has already started collecting deposits for machines which is believed to be $50,000.

By John Apostolides

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