New Orleans: Cab Vending Machines

New Orleans taxi cab passengers will now be able to purchase beverages on the go. As the vending machine industry enters a new cycle smaller compact machines are being designed and placed in locations that fall outside its traditional core target market. Approximately 250 taxis will be equipped with touchscreen vending machines that will dispense the drink of your choice in running taxi cabs. That makes New Orleans the first American city to offer cabs with vending machines.

These machines will hold up to 36 drinks and passengers can choose from a wide variety of drinks such as Nestea, Fanta, Sprite and Coke. The compact vending machines will accept debit or credit card payments. The drink dispenser is the brainchild of Simon Garber of Ukraine origin who owns 300 and 800 taxis in New York City and Chicago respectively. It took 4 long years to execute the idea. When asked Garber said, “Passengers across the country will appreciate knowing they can have a cold beverage on the go at an affordable price. They will not have to make an extra stop for a drink, he added.

By John Apostolides

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