Micro markets: The Penultimate Choice For Future-Oriented Businesses

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According to a recent study, approximately 87% of consumers prefer to eat something healthy, especially during lunch hours.

With a majority of people shifting towards “healthy eating”, several modern businesses are taking proactive steps to capitalise on this growing trend for two major reasons:

  1. Improve the retention rates by offering employees what they want.
  2. Additionally, several studies show that the employees who eat better, feel better and therefore more productive.

Micro-market – The Perfect Way to Take a Break!

An advanced solution that’s currently picking up a pace is an on-site micro market. The micro market vending machine resembles a pint-sized convenience store filled with an assortment of fresh and nutrient-rich meal options.  Your employees can grab their favourite product and pay for them via self-service kiosks.

Since micro markets offer diverse and multiple food & beverage choices, it has become quite appealing to millennial & health-conscious employees. Research has shown that micro markets can potentially generate up to 300% more sales as compared to the traditional vending machines. Therefore, many future-driven businesses are trying to leverage the opportunity.

Micro markets – Opens Up New Avenue.

Micro markets make wholesome and fresh food available at any time of the day via its automated kiosks, enabling the hard-working employees to enjoy healthy alternatives, even if they arrive early for an important video conference with an overseas client or stay late at night for technical troubleshooting.

Equipped with a digital kiosk, the micro market offers a fast-paced and pragmatic solution. The automated kiosk allow the consumers to securely use every payment method – right from cash to mobile NFC technology. Additionally, a micro market enables you to:

  • Register and record transaction data, upgrading inventory information in real time.
  • A business owner can introduce special offers like sale, product bundling or upselling opportunities.
  • Announce the launch of new or featured products or display local business ads using digital signage.
  • In addition to this, it also serves as a portal for loyalty programs providing seamless access for signups and promotion details.

Grab & Go – An Ultimate Option for Time-Crunched Employees

In a recent survey, it was found that approximately half of the employees have only 30 minutes or less for their lunch. About 80% of them said that they would like to purchase a wholesome and healthy meal on the company premises. Additionally, it was observed that around 90 % of employees care about the quality of their meals. Moreover, people often make 2-3 visits to a self-serving micro market to grab their favourite meals.

Furthermore, a large number of employees in an organisation using conventional vending machines said they have already asked their managers to transform the run-of-the-mill lunchroom experience, making it more wholesome and intriguing.

Micro markets – Refreshing Meal Options for Workers in Different Industries

While micro markets are an obvious choice for large organisations with hundreds of employees, there are plenty of employees everywhere who have no means to satiate their hunger pangs – for example, people working in the hotels or hospitals.  Here are a few places where you can turn the micro market into profit-machines:

  • Airports and other transit hubs
  • Colleges and universities
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals

For further information on micro markets in Australia, feel free to call our experts!

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