Keeping a Tab on Slow Moving Items

Keeping a Tab on Slow Moving Items

As is the case with any business that provides food or beverages, the need for keeping a close check on the best before dates is crucial even for vending machine businesses.

There are many aspects of this issue that can be managed by the due diligence of the vending machine owner. However, having a reliable supplier who monitors these dates and other aspects of food safety, goes a long way in the future success of your business.

Some of the severe consequences of poor food safety are:

  • Deteriorating quality of food items
    Food items, when stored after the expiry date has passed can turn out to be a major health hazard for any one. Food that has crossed its expiry date can rapidly start to lose its original taste and form. While some foods might show signs of deterioration quicker than others, all food items must be closely monitored. If any date has seen to be approaching within the coming week, such items should be used up or discarded immediately. This ensures that no customer receives subpar/expired goods.
  • Say Goodbye to Customer Retention
    One of the largest assets for any vending machine and for most businesses is its base of retained customers. These customers might have the convenience of using this machine on their commute, or around their workplace and are happy to keep coming back to the same one for their daily snack requirements. If said customer, faces an issue with expired food in this machine, this can cause a serious offence in their eyes. And this could potentially mean that you could start losing your customers.
  • Increasing Costs, Decreasing Revenue
    The losses incurred from the sale of expired food not only affects your customer sales, but also has a detrimental effect on your inventory. In case you have a warehouse facility for your goods, the lack of monitoring expiry dates can make your inventory come closer to the expiry date without seeing the light of day.

For further information on how to maintain a healthy and profitable vending machine business, do not hesitate to Call Ausbox Vending Group.

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