How Customers Judge A Vending Machine

How customer judge a vending machine

Seeing Your Machine Through Their Eyes

While analysing the various components of vending machines, most business owners might tend to take a casual approach. In the sense that, they might pass of the various components of their machine by simply ensuring that they are barely working while not being in its optimum state. This cost saving method is actually a loss making mechanism that is only realised after a long time has already passed.

You might get the occasional customer dropping in every now and then. However, you might be losing hundreds and thousands of dollars slowly due to the absence of those customers who judge your machine to be faulty. Customers are not short on options for vending machines, they can walk a few metres and reach a different machine. But they will remember the faults with your machine if they keep noticing it, and would eventually never step foot in front of it.

Here are a few aspects of a vending machine that customers view almost instantly:

  • Payment
    The most prevailing issue with old vending machines is not that they aren’t fancy or don’t have a touchscreen. It is the fact that they do not accept newer methods of payment. A customer would be able to spot the card acceptor from a great distance, consequently making the decision to walk towards your machine or to walk to a different one.
  • Responsiveness
    Picture this, a customer finds your vending machine at a train station and decides to grab a beverage before the long ride home. But due to one or several reasons, the machine is not at its optimum level of responsiveness and vends their desired beverage with a lag of a few extra seconds, the customer could lose their train. If they remember your machine as the one that made them miss their train, you can only imagine the bad name it will earn.
  • Balance in Variety
    Having too many similar products is usually a bad idea under most circumstances. The market is flooded with a massive variety of all types of snacks and beverages. So make sure to offer your customers a balanced variety of healthy, generic and exciting.

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